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anton glavas

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anton is a photographer and writer based in barcelona spain by way of vancouver canada. his current photographic works are influenced by his love for the arts in all its forms such as illustration, sculpture, theatre, music and spoken word. however, his perspective is truly defined by two major extremes; by the stories of the amazing people and places he's encountered across the world and, his continuing personal evolution and growth through escape and solitude. as he changes, and his photography changes, he hopes that he can inspire and inform; to make people think, to feel emotion and to raise questions. anton is available for select projects, please inquire within.

publications and talks

latent image magazine. issue no 10. jan 2017.  https://latentimagezine.com/

opus art supplies. talk on digital photography. vancouver. sept.6 & 20 2017. http://opusartsupplies.com/how/demos